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March 2002:
TOY FAIR 2002:

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    By Matthew Greenbaum
    Pictures by Daniel Lipkowitz

    Oh, "The Crocodile Hunter" -- he's got some lovely sharp teeth, he has. Our guide explained that N2 was slated to release new figures for this product in order to tie-into the upcoming CH feature film, "Collision Course." The film is due out this summer, and finds the self-destructive Steve Irwin trying to protect one of his "b'yoootiful!" crocs who has swallowed part of an American satellite.

    Another popular, guy-oriented property being worked by N2 is the "Mad Max" series. Not only are both assortments of "Mad Max: The Road Warrior" figures already released, but N2 recently completed their very impressive vehicle for that series, Max' formidable car, "The Last V8". Packed in a large window-box, the MadMaxmobile will be able to hold figures from the line, and features opening doors and very realistic weathering and battle-damage.

    N2 is strongly considering a line representing the final film in that trilogy, the very well-remembered "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome." They even hope to be able to produce a Thunderdome playset. However, they cautioned us that all plans for the Thunderdome license are completely up in the air and consist mostly of hopes and ideas. This is mainly because of the licensing difficulties that would arise from trying to produce a figure of Bartertown boss Auntie Entity, played by the one and only Tina Turner--who apparently is quite protective of uses of her likeness. Knowing that Mad Max fans would probably be displeased with any Thunderdome line lacking Auntie, the plans may hinge on that one fact.

    Another famous sci-fi license being worked by N2 is the critically acclaimed anime drama "Ghost in the Shell." The N2 figures on display combine features of both the anime movie and its comic-book predecessor. Also girl-oriented is "VIP", the name of Pamela Anderson's new TV show; N2 has produced a cold-cast statue of the three heroines of that series.

    In recognition of the critical acclaim of their original "Rambo" figure, N2 will expand that line to feature several more characters from the Rambo movie series. They are currently only at the hand-made sample level, though.

    For people who like their action figures a bit less serious and violent, N2 has also set up a new "wing" of their productions that will cater to happier and more innocent licenses. The first offering will be action figures based off the wildly popular comic strip "Zits," which currently runs in over 1,000 newspapers nationwide and is the fastest-propagating comic strip in the history of the industry.

    And for something completely original, look to N2's "Space Cadets" action figures. This property is based off a totally home-grown concept. The figures are all attractive women being merged with some sort of alien technological machinery, wielding deadly weapons. In other words, it's right in tune with most of the themes that have proven popular with sci-fi fans and toy collectors. Since it doesn't tie into a well-known established license, N2 anticipates that "Space Cadets" will be produced mostly for the dedicated collectors' market.

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