Altered States Magazine -- April 2002 Issue April 2002 Issue
ASM: Toy Fair 2002: Part Two

March 2002:
TOY FAIR 2002:

  • Armada Catalog
  • Armada Minicons
  • Armada Deluxes
  • Armada Megas
  • Armada Ultras
  • Armada Supers
  • Armada RolePlay

  • Palisades - G.I. Joe Busts

  • Hasbro - Disney's Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet
  • Hasbro - Magic: The Gathering
  • N2 Toys - Kingdom Hearts
  • N2 Toys - Big Trouble in Little China
  • N2 Toys - Crocodile Hunter, Mad Max, Resident Evil, Space Cadets, Zits
  • Palisades - Aliens vs. Predator, DragonBall Z, Resident Evil
  • Palisades - Micronauts - 1
  • Palisades - Micronauts - 2
  • Toycom - Anime Figures - 1
  • Toycom - Anime Figures - 2
  • Toycom - Appleseed
  • Toycom - Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Toynami - Cartoon Network

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    I want to personally thank each and every one of our readers; this is by far the most popular website I've ever put together, as evidenced by our 3.1 million hits during Toy Fair week, not to mention that we have over 430 different pictures covering this and the last issue. Hearing some of the comments and reactions (both online and offline) has made me feel really great about the fandom. It's been a great pleasure for me to put together something that's so well liked.

    And I want to keep doing that. I know in the past we've had one issue a year, and while technically, this new April 2002 issue makes it two issues in the 2002 calendar year, it's not quite the same. I'd like to do a bimonthly schedule, or maybe an issue every 6 weeks, which just so happens to be the time elapsed between this issue and the last. I'd like ASM to be a place where we provide insight into a certain topic -- maybe Transformers related, maybe not. ASM has gone beyond Transformers in our Toy Fair coverage; why not in our article coverage, too?

    But to do that, I'm asking for your help. You'll notice that there is not a single advertisement on this site. While I'd like to keep it that way, I also know that bringing in revenue is the only way to keep this site alive. I also know that Internet advertising revenue is also at a low point, ever since the bust.

    So I'm asking for your support. We'll take donations of any amount. Everyone who donates will be recognized. And if you want to do more, consider becoming a sponsor. No click-through rates; no hit rates. Just a standard flat-fee and your banner for your website (commercial or personal) will appear on a page. The sooner you become a sponsor, the greater a chance of being on a high-hit page. Plus, I'll do my best to keep those annoying pop-up ads from appearing here. You hate them; I hate them. I hope to never use them.

    Please do not think that we're doing this to make a profit. Donations will be used only for covering bandwidth costs. Altered States Magazine always has been non-profit, and we'd like to stay that way. I and my staff work out of our own pockets and do this purely for the love of the subject, as evidenced by our expanding into other areas of the toy world.

    I know I'm asking a lot. But if the fandom comes through for us, we'll do our best to come through for the fandom.

    To inquire about donating, send an E-mail to Or you can use the PayPal button above.

    Thanks again for reading. It means a lot to the entire staff, and to me personally.

    -Philip N. Zeman
    Altered States Magazine