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ASM: Toy Fair 2002: Part Two

March 2002:
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    By Matthew Greenbaum
    Pictures by Daniel Lipkowitz

    After measuring them with a ruler and comparing them to a MicroMaster, we can now say that a typical Minicon is just a smidgen over 2" tall in robot mode.

    High Wire does, in fact, have a face. What had looked at first like an indistinct red blob is actually a pointed mouth-mask and a recessed eye-visor slit. Overall, not unlike Soundwave.

    The sword that is formed by the three Minicon jets is named "Star Saber." Heh.

    When asked whether a TF's hidden features could be unlocked without the use of a Minicon, the explainer said that this would probably be very difficult on the finished toys.

    Mini-Cons compared to Micromasters:

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