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ASM: Toy Fair 2002: Part Two

March 2002:
TOY FAIR 2002:

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    By Daniel Lipkowitz

    What is it with toy companies and showing off statue-y prototypes this year? First it was Palisades and the Muppets, and now this. From the advertisements and solicitations that we've been seeing for the past few months, Toycom's Space Ghost sidekicks looked to be almost completely unposeable figurines. But look at the final toys - joints out the wazoo! They make us happy.

    Accompanying Zorak, Moltar and Brak are two modifications of the previous Space Ghost figure. The "Lite-Up" Space Ghost features a fist that glows when you press the button strip on his right power band. Unfortunately, Toycom didn't add the bicep swivel that they mentioned at last year's Toy Fair, so he still can't be posed pressing the buttons himself. We'll also be seeing a repainted Space Ghost, the eeeevil Spectre, as an exclusive.

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