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    3H Enterprises at Wizard World Chicago

    By Graham Weaver with Philip N. Zeman

    With BotCon only a few weeks away, most of the details that were going to be revealed before the convention already had been revealed, so there is not much new to report from 3H Enterprises. However, that didn't stop us from chatting up Glen Hallit, Dennis Davidson, and Dan Khanna for what seemed like hours on end but in actuality was probably only... well, hours.

    Cyclonus' packaging features the new "Transformers: Expanded Universe" logo and is otherwise pretty much wholly Generation 1 (G1) inspired. You will notice a Spark behind the logo; normally, you will not see that with the logo. However, the box used is the same as that of the Ultra-sized Jetstorm from "Beast Machines", and as you may recall, the "Beast Machines" logo did include a Spark. So Glen added one to Cyclonus' box to fill out the empty space.

    The tech specs were, as with BotCon 2001 exclusive Arcee, in G1-style (implying another red plastic tech specs decoder?) and are something of a mix between the G1 tech specs and several cartoon-inspired character traits.

    His new motto is "Loyalty and compassion cannot coexist". The rest of the boxback is primarily dedicated to two large full-body drawings of Cyclonus - one of his Wreckers incarnation and the other as he appeared in the G1 cartoon - and a series of images appearing to depict Cyclonus' spark-extraction at the claws of Cryotek and his subsequent rebirth. This puzzled us as the tech specs specifically mentioned Megatron, not Cryotek....

    Next year's convention will feature no less than three comics. The longest will be the 48-page Wreckers #4, which will tie up "Enter The Wreckers", the first Wreckers story arc. The other two will be a 16-page introduction to the next major story arc and a 16-page "flip book" which will tell two side stories from "Enter", one featuring Rodimus Major and the other featuring Arcee.

    Finally, the Unicron statue was display there, without the PVCs as seen at Wizard World East. This was done so people wouldn't get confused and wrongly think that it came with PVCs. It doesn't, so to replicate the experience, you'll have to provide your own PVCs, either from the new "Heroes of Cybertron" line or from the Japanese Acts. Unicron's tech specs are based off his original Transformers Universe entry but are expanded somewhat. Glen also pointed out that the write-up is not tied to any specific continuity, so you won't find any references to Unicron being a Dark God or the creation of Primacron.

    The next part of "Primeval Dawn II" was also being shown. No more will be said about this, because we don't want to spoil the surprise. It does, however, feel a bit like an online comic. It's an interesting way of presenting the story, so make sure to give 3H your feedback on what you liked or didn't like about it. They will listen.

    We asked Glen more about BotCon Europe, but there weren't many more details. As to how Europe was chosen, Glen told us that it wasn't a case of 3H approaching our friends across the Atlantic. In fact, England had asked 3H to hold a convention. The plans for this have been ongoing for many months, and Glen was happy to allow fans who can't make the transatlantic flight to hopefully get to a convention much closer to them.

    Passers-by to the 3H booth seemed quite impressed with Cyclonus, and there were many who recognized Unicron. We may see a surge of walk-ins to BotCon this year.

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