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    Hasbro at Wizard World Chicago
    Transformers Armada Cartoon Clips


    Videos taken by Philip N. Zeman

    As a treat for all of you before we leave for BotCon, we have several more videos to put up over the next few days. They basically follow one right after another (minus a few seconds of missed video between each clip), and they explain a bit more about the Armada cartoon.

    Monday, July 22, 2002: Cybertron Escape #1 - More of the story behind "Transformers: Armada", 3.2 MB AVI
    Tuesday, July 23, 2002: Cybertron Escape #2 - The Escape Begins, 2.5, MB AVI
    Wednesday, July 24, 2002: Cybertron Escape #3 - The Escape Continues -- how do they get to a different galaxy? 2.2, MB AVI

    BONUS! Somewhere on one of these text pages in the July 2002 issue (not any of the pages with just pictures), I've put a link to a new video. All I ask is that when you find the page it's on, you read the entire article, okay? Enjoy!

    And don't worry, people -- I'll have a direct link to the page later today if you can't find it....
    Hint #1 -- As stated above, it's a primarily text article posted within the past few days.
    Hint #2 -- What's the theme of the July 2002 issue of ASM?
    Hint #3 -- What convention is happening this weekend, and does ASM have any thing to say about it? (Eyes to the left, people.)

    Okay, the cat, unfortunately, has been let out of the bag. Wasn't going to post this quite so soon, but you can find the new video in my Sound Off column. If you are going to BotCon, I urge you to read it while you wait for the video to download!

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