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    3H Enterprises at Wizard World East


    Recap written by Philip N. Zeman
    Pictures by Jennifer Ulm

    This past May, 3H Enterprises, organizers of BotCon, ventured to the Wizard World East convention in Philadelphia, advertising the upcoming convention in July and showcasing their exclusive offerings. Before we head to Wizard World Chicago, ASM wanted to show you what we saw to better compare to what we'll see. The seeds of the future lie buried in the past, and all that.

    So, with thanks to Jennifer for providing these new, nice pictures for us, here's a brief recap of what we saw:

    The 3H Enterprises Table

    The Cyclonus Display


    Cyclonus's drone missles, affectionately called his "Armada"

    The 3H Enterprises/Hard Hero Unicron statue

    See also our original 3H at Wizard World East report.


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