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    Toy Review
    Beserk Fury

    By Marcus "Finback" Good, Guest Reviewer

    ASM Quick Facts

    Name: Beserk Fury
    Availability: Coming Soon to the US

    Beserk Fury

    First Impressions: Wow. The box for Beserk Fury is very large. At the time I got him, I had no idea that he was not yet available in the US -- in fact, I was being more tempted by Dibison, but my girlfriend prevailed.

    Bare Bones: The first thing that hit me when I took the sprues of parts out of the box was the sheer number of them -- 21, in total. That's not including the assorted pieces that come loose, such as the clear plastic for the eyes, the motor pieces, and a few others. The manual is some 32 pages long, with 32 steps involved in the creation of Fury. Each of these can in turn be comprised of many smaller steps. I didn't realise when I initially glanced over the manual that they were trilingual, which meant that there weren't quite so many steps as I had initially thought. The instructions, for the most part, are clear and quite easily followed, with detailed written instructions where a simple diagram won't suffice.

    Beserk Fury without the weapons pack

    Construction: I'll save you all the tedium of a step-by-step discussion of putting him together, and sum it up as follows:

    1. He took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes all up to make, in a single session.
    2. I'd strongly recommend a good, sharp knife for cutting the pieces free. As a rather pedantic perfectionist, I know I find it irritating when little bits of flash remain on a piece.
    3. Make sure you have plenty of room. All those sprues can best be organized alpabetically; doing so will save you time searching in vain for that one "L" piece.
    4. I haven't applied the stickers to mine yet, since I'm debating on maybe adding some paint details first.

    Thoughts: Overall, I'm really happy with his appearance, with or without the weapon pack. He looks like a futuristic armoured dinosaur should -- angles, with a rather draconian hint to him. As of yet, I have still to try him with batteries, as there are two features I've yet to see function - his head snaps down to snarl open mouthed, and the tail has a trigger that is pulled to open up the armour plating along its length. These both appear to be keyed into the motor unit that powers the legs.

    Beserk Fury -- Head and when "Hungry"

    Both legs move along, simultaneously making the forelimbs move slightly.

    The weapon pack is sufficient, if not a little unusual. The blades can be angled to almost anything you can imagine - they utilise enough elbow joints and rotational points that they could be placed to the front, sides, or rear. You could even angle them upwards to as to create helicopter blades. There are also two 'wings' behind these, that simply appear to be there for cosmetics.

    Beserk Fury

    One personal flaw I've found is in the smallest claw of the forelimbs. These aren't attached by more than sliding them onto a peg - and I was left with the distinct feeling these, if repositioned enough times, could easily become loose, and slip off. Granted, this would simply make Berserk Fury more like a tyraanosaurid, but I digress.

    Beserk Fury -- Claw

    Sizewise, Berserk Fury measures in at just over 12" from nose to tail, and is about 4.5" tall and wide without his weapon pack. The weapon pack, being adjustable, can extend his size a fair bit, but folded up, it adds another inch to his height.


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