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    Toy Review
    Air Attack Optimus Primal

    By Daniel "Suspsy" Suh, Guest Reviewer

    ASM Quick Facts

    Name: Chro
    Toyline: Transformers: Beast Machines
    Class: Deployer
    Availability: No longer sold in stores
    Grade: 7 out of 10

    Back in early 2001, Hasbro decided to augment their Beast Machines line a bit by re-releasing the Deployers and Beast Riders in radical new color schemes. Unfortunately, the venture wasn't exactly a resounding a success, and most of the recolors ended up on clearance. However, the recolor of Rav received a new surge of popularity after he was incorporated into Cryotek's bio as Chro, a nefarious little Targetmaster partner.

    Crow Mode: Chro stands 3.5" (9 cm) tall and measures around 5.5" (14 cm) long from beak to tail. Whereas the Rav toy was translucent red, black, and tan, Chro is translucent blue, navy blue, and ice blue, with red eyes and metallic silver markings. Overall, it's a much niftier color scheme than Rav's, and almost identical to Cryotek's, which probably explains why he was chosen as the ice dragon's partner. On the down side, Chro's pretty much a bird statue. His beak opens and his long feet move a little, and that's it. Also, he's a fairly delicate toy, one which you should take care not to drop or handle roughly.

    Transformation: Pressing down on blue tab at Chro's rear causes his crossbow to flip out and his head to flip in. Except occasionally the head doesn't fold in properly, and Chro ends up getting conked on the noggin by his own weapon.

    Crossbow Mode: In this mode, Chro measures nearly 6" (15 cm) long when loaded. Out of the three Deployers, I've always felt that he had the neatest weapon mode. It's handsomer than Mol's buzzsaw-shooting jackhammer and sturdier than Dillo's exploding weapons platform. His ankles joints allow you to raise him up slightly in order to fire at taller enemies -- and to keep him from tipping over forwards. Chro comes with two translucent arrow-shaped missiles that fire independently, with a range of about two feet.

    Overall, Susp Sez: Rav was already the best of the Deployers, in my opinion, and Chro's icy blue color scheme makes him even better. Be on the lookout for him in the upcoming Wreckers comic at Botcon 2002.

    Final Grade: 7/10

    Daniel would like to thank go out to Jennifer "Trixter" Ulm for sending him this toy.


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