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    Submission Guidelines

    So you want to write for Altered States Magazine?

    Well, we're looking for writers! If you've got a nose for news, a penchant for prose, or any other trite statement that means you like to write, we want you!

    Altered States Magazine is looking for pieces of high quality, but they don't have to be on any given topic. We're looking for pieces with opinions and the statements to back them up -- but they are your opinions.

    In terms of columns, Altered States Magazine is looking for pieces that are going to be exclusive to the magazine... to a point. Whatever you submit will remain your property, but we'd like to have "first crack" at exclusivity. In other words, we'd like to be able to publish it first, then after a short time you could plaster it wherever you wanted. And hey, if you wanted to mention that it first appeared in Altered States Magazine, that's fine by us!

    With regard to previously published pieces, please E-mail the editor (see below for the address) and explain the situation. Circumstances will dictate how each situation will be handled.

    Read the Guidelines for complete information.

    So if you have a full article, a work of fanfic, some drawings, or a story proposal you want to submit for consideration, or send an E-mail to with the subject "ASM Submission". Submissions without the subject title will be processed, but it will take longer, so be sure to get that subject line right!

    Submission of a work to Altered States Magazine implies agreement to the Guidelines


    Any article/story/essay/comic/etc. ("Work") submitted to Altered States Magazine ("Magazine") must be the author's ("Author") own work, unless otherwise stated as such.

    All Work stays property of the Author unless otherwise stated.

    All Work is exclusive to the Magazine for a period of two (2) months unless the Magazine and the Author come to a mutual agreement. All Work can then be republished with all rights belonging to the Author, with the stipulation that the Magazine may reprint part or all of the Work in a future issue of the Magazine.

    All Work must not have been previously published outside the Magazine unless otherwise agreed to by all parties involved, including the Magazine, the Author, and the appropriate person or persons from original place of publication, if applicable. Examples where outside agreement would be needed include, but are not limited to, other professional publications, fanzines, or Web Pages that do not belong to the Author. Examples where outside agreement is not applicable include, but are not limited to, Web Pages owned by the Author or Usenet posts made by the Author.

    All Work is subject to editing for clarity, length, grammar, and punctuation. No Work will be edited for content. If editing for reasons other than content make the content less clear, the Author will be contacted for the chance to revise the Work to solve the mechanical problems while keeping the same content and thoughts present.

    By submitting any Work to the Magazine, you agree to these guidelines as they are presented here. These guidelines may change at any time without notice.

      Copyright © 2002 Altered States Magazine
    A SkyJammer Enterprises Publication