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    Who We Are

    Altered States Magazine is a magazine that is an open forum for opinions, news, humor, essays, stories, comics, and other articles about Science Fiction toys, movies, stories, media, but our main focus is Transformers and transforming toys of all kinds. It is neither created nor published by any official toy manufacturer, such as Hasbro, Kenner, or Takara, and is not meant to infringe on their trademarks. For more information, see the Copyrights Page.

    Altered States Magazine can be contacted via E-mail at

    For information about having your work published in Altered States Magazine, see the Submissions Page.

    The Editor-in-Chief of Altered States Magazine is Philip N. Zeman,

    The Assistant Editors of Altered States Magazine are Douglass Kern, and Daniel Lipkowitz, The Associate Editor of Altered States Magazine is Matthew Greenbaum,

    Altered States Magazine is a publication of SkyJammer Enterprises.

      Copyright © 2002 Altered States Magazine
    A SkyJammer Enterprises Publication