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    It was a bit later than planned, but we said we'd be back, and we are. Welcome to the new Altered States Magazine!

    "New? What's new about it?" you might ask.

    Well, you'll notice that even though this is not a Toy Fair issue, we've got more than just Transformers content. We've got some Spider-Man and Star Wars information, and future issues may branch out into other areas.

    Why this broader focus? After the response to our Toy Fair 2002 issues, we noticed that ASM had started to become more known in other fandoms -- Gundam, Star Wars, and GI Joe, to name but a few. We're proud that we were able to provide information to these groups and others, and we'd like to continue being an enjoyable read for them.

    But it's also true that many Transfans have other interests besides their favorite robots in disguise. All of ASM's staff members have other interests in science fiction offerings or other toy lines, and, therefore, why not explore these other fandoms in some ways?

    So, that's what you're getting. Altered States Magazine will deal with fandoms -- whether it be fans of toys, films, games, science fiction, etc. We won't touch on every fandom out there, as that's a pretty broad spectrum. We'll do our best to bring forth a cross-section of fandoms, with hopefully some obscure stuff every now and then.

    But don't worry; Transformers will remain our first love and our primary focus.

    In this issue:

    We hope you enjoy the new Altered States Magazine!

      Copyright © 2002 Altered States Magazine
    A SkyJammer Enterprises Publication