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    3H Enterprises at Wizard World East

    The date? May 10, 2002

    The place? Philadelphia, PA

    The event? The Wizard World East Convention

    The reason? 3H Enterprises, organizers of BotCon, had some things to discuss. And Altered States Magazine -- in the form of guest reporters Jennifer Ulm, David Willis, Graham Weaver, and Charles Calhoun -- was there!

    You've read the early facts; now get more details on what exactly was said.

    3H Enterprises at Wizard World East:

    (Warning -- information on these pages could be considered spoilers.)

    Altered States Magazine would like to thank Jennifer, David, and Graham for their reports. Also, we'd like to extend our appreciation to Glen Hallit of 3H Enterprises for providing us the opportunity to clarify some of the details here. Visit the official BotCon site at

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