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    The Haiku-ed Trannies Ballot
    Part VI: Fandom

    By Philip N. Zeman

    *** The Lovable Screwball of the Year Award
    This guy's nuts, simply by looking at his various nicknames he uses
    on IRC.  It's amazing what different references he uses within a two
    minute span
                            One nick I've not seen
                           Which surprises me a bit
                           Is "Wang_Chung_Tonight".
    *** Trader of the Year Award
    Big Bad Toy Store --
    Completed a lot of my Japanese Beast Wars collection thanks to the
    auctions from BBTS.  Good service, and they make sure to pack things
    with great care.
                               My only complaint?
                           We are both in Wisconsin.
                              I must pay sales tax.
    *** Best Transformers Newsgroup or Message Forum
    I can only vote for rttmod because I use web boards so infrequently.
    Web boards can be good, but more often than not, they're just too
    hard to navigate.  And God forbid you're on dial-up trying to reach
    some of the more well-known webboards.  Oy.  I have broadband, and
    it's not worth the time.
    Express your thoughts in TEXT!  More text, fewer images, people!
                             Why not The AllSpark?
                           Big images in their .sigs
                             TOO DAMN LONG TO LOAD.
    *** Best nom du net (Nickname/Handle)
    TheGrape (#wiigii! IRC participant)
    Not Transformers related at all.  Simply "The Grape".  I like it.
                            And there are the times
                          When he uses something else:
                           "Grapelinq."  Simple, no?
    *** Best .sig
    M "Lick Me!" Sipher
    Sometimes it's an afterthought.  Sometimes it's an insult.  Sometimes
    it's a non-sequitur.  But you ALWAYS read Sipher's .sig to see what
    he says.
                               I am just waiting
                          For the day when Siph uses
                              Haikus in his .sig.
    *** Best Discussion of the Year
    Armada speculation.
    Sure, some of it dwindled into flamewars.  But it's fun to see the
    more creative folks out there speculating madly just for the heck of
    it.  It's fun, entertaining, and insightful.
                               Mad speculation.
                      Something we've not done in months.
                           Feels good, doesn't it?
    *** Silliest Discussion of the Year
    "Wings UP!"/"Wings DOWN!" -- Rob Powers and Bobbi Carothers on ATT
    Wow.  This had me going for days, just to see how the other would
    come back.  And no one trumped the other.  It was great!
                         "Wings DOWN!  Down down DOWN!"
                         And then would come the reply
                             "Wings UP! Up Up UP!"
    *** Best Transformers Reference/Resource
    Lexicon --
    I *love* the new look, Charl, even if it is based off Windows XP.
    Kudos to the new designers.  And it's just a world of fanfic at your
                            I have seen this site.
                        Yet I've not read much fanfic.
                              You see the irony?
    *** Best Transformers Web Site
    Ben Yee's World of Transformers --
    Ben's put a lot of his life into this site over the past 5+ years.  It
    still deserves recognition and respect.
                       Blood, sweat, tears -- what else?
                        How about heart, love, and soul?
                               True dedication.
    *** Best Transformers IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel
    It's the only one I visit that is active 24-7.  There are others, but
    they're up only part of the time.
                           #wiigii! -- what to say?
                    It's... unique, weird, and/or strange.
                             Is that good or bad?
    *** Best Transformers IRC Participant
    Douglass "Monocle" Kern
    Monocle always contributes to the channel, and he's a good guy.
                              The only bad thing:
                          He knows much about Gundam
                              And I know nothing.
    *** Best Transformers MUSH/MUCK
                          I must leave these blank.
                         I do not MUSH, MUCK, or MUD.
                          Yet, still I've no life.
    *** Best Role-Playing of a Pre-Existing Character on a MUSH/MUCK
                              That is not to say
                          MUSHers do not have a life.
                              (To be continued.)
    *** Best Role-Playing of an Original Character on a MUSH/MUCK
                            MUSHing takes up time.
                           Yet I use up my free time
                                 Just on IRC.
    *** Best Fan Artist (handdrawn art/rendered image/general 2D art)
    V1=M "Mugshots" Sipher
    V2=Trent Troop
    V3=Dan Khanna
    Sipher's mugshots still amaze me.   Trent's renderings are great (I
    love his Scanning Optimal print).  Does Dan count since he's doing
    BotCon work, now?
                                 It is very sad;
                           I can't draw a stick figure.
                              Man, that really sucks.
    *** Best Fan Artist (kitbashing/model-building/general 3D art)
    V1=Douglass Kern -- Quake
    V2=Dave Van Domelen -- Spychanger Kitbashes
    V3=David Willis -- Jhiaxus and Quake
    Doug's Quake made me want to make my own:
    Dave's Spychangers made me want to buy them from him:
    And David's Jhiaxus made me like the character again
                               To create, to make
                         New from old and old from new
    *** Best Transformers Fan Club
    "TransMasters UK"
    I think that's still around, and any fan-club that can get it's own
    convention together should be recognized.
                              I belong to none.
                          Haven't for several years.
                              Just no interest.
    *** Best Transformers Fanzine or Newsletter
    I've not read any fanzine lately, so I'm not going to vote on this.
                              I get news online.
                          And I have my own fanzine.
                            I hope you've seen it.

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