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    The Haiku-ed Trannies Ballot
    Part VII: Fanfics

    By Philip N. Zeman

    *** Best Fanfic Story of the Year
    "A Special Touch" by Zobovor
    Y'know, a lot of people didn't like this fanfic.  I thought it to be
    provocative, controversial, and it made me think.  And isn't that what
    a dramatic fanfic should do?
                           This 'fic made me think.
                         I do have complaint, though:
                           Not *all* men are jerks.
    *** Funniest Fanfic Story of the Year
    Y'know, I don't think I read a comedic fanfic this year.
                            I need to read more.
                          But I say that every year.
                            It hasn't worked yet.
    *** Best Fanfic Writer of the Year
    Dave Van Domelen
    I read all of Dave's stuff, and while he didn't write my pick for
    story of the year, he's been consistently good with his "Tales of the
                               Dave Van Domelen
                             Now a Dr., I believe
                            He taught me "senryu".
    *** Best Fanfic Story Ever
    V1="Cybertron Dreams" by Megazone/Benjamin D. Hutchins
    V2="Warbirds" by Robert Jung
    V3="Max's Transformers 2001" by Anton Max
    These may or may not be the best, but they're representative of the
    ones that come to my mind.  And in my hurried state, that'll have to
                              If I had more time,
                         I'd do an exhaustive search.
                            I don't.  C'est la vie.
    *** Funniest Fanfic Story Ever
    V1="Dr. Grimlock, Medical Dinobot" by Stanley Lui
    V2="Dr. Grimlock, Medical Dinobot: New Recruits" by Hex
    V3="Starscream and the Drones" by Charlotte Brogden
    I stumbled upon Dr. Grimlock, MD again last year, and I had forgotten
    how funny "Me Grimlock say: CLEAR!!!" was.  Hex, Stan -- got more?
    And Charlotte said something a few days ago that reminded me that I
    did like her fanfic listed above.
                             One thing that I know:
                          I would be cured if I heard
                          "Me Grimlock say: CLEAR!!!"
    *** Best Fanfic Writer Ever
    V1=Robert Jung
    V2=Dave Van Domelen
    I've read so little fanfic that it's hard to pick.  I still like
    Robert's stories and I like Dave's "Tales of the Intermezzo".
    Darn it, why don't I read more fanfic?
                               I ask myself this:
                       "When will 'Reconstruction' end?"
                                 I've no idea.
    *** Best Portrayal of a Pre-Existing Character by a Fanfic Author
    Circuit Breaker as portrayed by Robert Jung.
    I know it's been a while since you wrote these fanfics, but I still
    remember them after the years.  That and I read so little fanfic.
                             Such a flawed human
                         Channels her rage so wrongly
                            Don't we all at times?
    *** The Ten-Second WHAM! Award, for the Transformers fanfic with the
    most surprising ending
    Surprise!  I can't think of one in the few fanfics I've read!
    Okay, that wasn't a surprise at all.
                              No surprise for me.
                          I do not read enough 'fic.
                          (You've heard this before.)
    *** The Big-Time Bonanza Award, for the Transformers fanfic that
    should be adapted as a comic book story/cartoon episode/movie/etc.
    "Cybertron Dreams" by Megazone/Benjamin D. Hutchins.  I know of no
    other fanfic that has it's own soundtrack.  Plus, it has a storyline
    with an epic feel, but it doesn't span multiple chapters, which would
    make it difficult to adapt.
                             There is a problem:
                           Many concept crossovers.
                             Licensing is hell.

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