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    The Haiku-ed Trannies Ballot

    By Philip N. Zeman

    *** The TF Question That Would Not Die, Part 1: Who's the better
    leader, the original Optimus Prime or Beast Wars' Optimus Primal?
    Oh, wow.  I've got to go with Optimus Primal.  Optimus Prime always
    had the respect of his crew.  Optimus Primal had to earn it in Beast
    Wars.  Also, Prime never had to face such a sneaky opponent like
    BW Megatron.  G1 Megatron never had such grand scheming plans like BW
    Megatron.  Sure, G1 Megs wanted to rule the universe, but he always
    went about it the same way -- get energy using an Alien Device/Evil
    Invention (TM Kendrick Kerwin Chua).  BW Megs decided to alter time
    ITSELF.  And Primal stopped him.
    Gotta go with Primal.
    Wow, I'm really changing a lot of my standard answers.
                            Take the word "primal".
                           A derivative of "prime"?
                            Yet not in this case.
    *** The TF Question That Would Not Die, Part 2: Does the "Robots In
    Disguise" TV show take place in the same timeline/universe/continuity
    as the original Transformers cartoon?
    Definitely not in the same continuity.  Too many unexplained questions
    if it is, most notably why characters change forms between the cartoon
    and the movie.  Too many same names are used in different ways.
    "Sigma," "Fortress Maximus," "space bridge," "Megatron".  My theory
    is that the ending of Beast Machines (or perhaps the same thing that
    brought BW Megatron to Cyberton and changed it to the BM universe)
    caused this warping of the G1 timeline and created a pocket universe,
    much in the same way the Avengers and FF, etc., existed after
    Onslaught was defeated in Marvel Comics in 1996.
                                 G-1?  R-i-D?
                         Are they same or different?
                              We may never know.
    *** The TF Question That Would Not Die, Part 3: Is Hasbro REALLY
    developing a live-action Transformers movie?
    Are they developing it?  Yes?
    Will it ever see the light of day?  No.  This is probably something
    that will remain in Development Hell.
                               Even if it's made
                        Ticket sales will stink unless
                               There's a miracle.
    *** Best Transformers Convention
    V1=BotCon 2001
    V2=BotCon 1997
    V3=BotCon 2000
    I liked BotCon 2001 simply because I got to film the Vince DiCola
    concert and the panels.  BC 1997 had the Vince DiCola concert and I
    was front row.  And BotCon 2000 I liked since it was the last time I
    was able to connect with certain friends who weren't at 2001.
                             3H should be praised.
                         They do so much for the fans
                            And take too much crap.
    *** Best Organized Event at a Transformers Convention
    V1=The Vince DiCola StoryTellers at BotCon 2000
    V2=Vince DiCola/Stan Bush Concert at BotCon 1997
    V3=Vince DiCola/Gary Falcone Concert at BotCon 2001
                            I like Vince, okay?
                            I make no apologies:
                            Such a Vince groupie.
    *** Best Transformers News of 2001
    Armada announced.
    I'm picking this just because many of us assumed Hasbro used RiD as
    a filler line and was working on some new line.  Those who said
    that RiD was the Death of Transformers buried the line prematurely.
    Armada may turn out to be bad, but at least it looks like a very
    different direction, which is what the TF line needs.
                               A new direction.
                        I know though, no matter what,
                           People still will bitch.
    *** Worst Transformers News of 2001
    The fates of Air Attack Optimus Primal and Megabolt Megatron were
    not decided for most of the year, and in fact, I think as of 12/31/01,
    they still weren't decided.  Such interesting toy concepts with cool
    photos... tantalizing us.
                              Such beautiful toys
                         Just begging to be released.
                          Will they come to shelves?
    *** The Cybertron Showdown Award, for the most desired "X vs. Y" fight
    Megatron BW vs. Megatron G1
    Who would win?  While Megs G1 has the height advantage, don't
    underestimate the sneaky coniving BW Megs.
                             A Tale of Two Megs.
                      The first named versus first seen.
                             The victor unknown.
    *** The Never-Ending Merger Award, for the toy property that the
    Transformers toy line should crossover with
    G.I. Joe
    Now that both are out from under Marvel's eyes and both are being
    relaunched, the potential exists for interesting stuff.
                            Never bought Joe toys.
                        The Transformers were enough.
                             Maybe I will start.
    *** The "Obligatory 9/11" Award, for the ONE Transformers character
    who would best hunt down/capture/kill Osama bin Laden
    Depth Charge.
    He proved he would hunt down someone who killed lots of innocents.
    He sacrificed his own life in the process.
                             We pause to reflect,
                           To remember the heroes.
                                God Bless USA.

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