Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Douglass Kern


    There was some worries that with the recent acquiring of Saban by Disney, Digimon would end prematurely in the US.

    Well, don't worry! In the Fall, the show is going to be moving to ABC. Disney is committed to keeping the show running, as apparently the popularity of the show helped convince them it would be wise to keep it on the air.

    Not much of the storyline for Season 4 was revealed, but we did get some information. At the beginning of the story, the Digi-Destined return to the Digital World to find it in a chaotic disarray. To save it, they must journey to the Spirit World to stop the evil Kerpymon, King of Darkness. Spirits of the ten legendary warriors, who once saved the Digital World, will give power and guidance to the Digi-Destined and their Digimon partners to help them in their quest to rescue the Digital World from darkness.

    Bandai also plans a cross promotion with Dairy Queen and Carl's Jr. The Dairy Queen promotion in March will feature seven plush Digimon. In the summer, Carl's Jr. will feature special Digimon kids meals.

    The fate of the final Season 3 episodes are still unknown. However Bandai did show off some toys that are based on characters from these episodes.


    Since it is a new Digimon show, it means a new version of the Digivice! This time, Bandai introduces the D-Scanner. The D-Scanner features infrared beaming abilities to help kids get data to help them. Information can be received from a friend, the Bandai web site, trading cards, and even the Digimon show itself. This information can then be used in the LCD game that comes included in the scanner. Through all of this, a total of 10 Digi-Spirits and 64 Digimon can be collected.

    Of course, Bandai plans to keep pumping out tons of Digimon toys.

    2.5 inch Action Feature Digimon

    Coming out to stores soon are: Beelzemon, Calumon 2, Cyberdramon, Leomon, Guardromon, Grapleomon, Andromon and Gallantmon.

    Spirit Digimon

    The Spirit Digimon will be important in the new season. Each one comes with a special, hexagon shaped hanging clip to store them, sorta like a Pokeball stores a Pokemon.

    Digivoling Figures

    These are the transforming Digimon toys. A bunch of new season three characters are going to be released. Coming soon are Leomon who digivolves to Grapleomon, Guardmon who digivolves to Andromon, and Cyberdraemon who transforms into Megacyberdraemon.

    Spirit Digivolving Action Figures

    This is a new category. Figures in this class can do a quick transformation via a flip of a lever.

    Warp Digivolving Figures

    This transforming category features a few more characters not in the new season. Coming soon are Impmon who transforms to Beezlemon, as well as Gallantmon who becomes Ultragallantmon. Also coming is a Warp Digivolving Lopmon, though as to which form the toy transforms into, is still unknown.

    Hybrid Digivolvers

    Another new class, these toys will include one Digi-Destined child who can combine with a Spirit Digimon to become one super warrior.

    Battalized Figures

    Finally, Bandai will introduce a set of Digimon that feature battle movements to help them save the world. Each figure is around 5 inches in height and colored in vacumized metal chrome. The figures will run for about $20.00 each.

    Copyright 2002 Altered States Magazine