Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Daniel Lipkowitz

    Beware - the swarms have awakened!

    At the end of last year's Bionicle story, the heroic Toa defeated the evil Makuta, master of the fierce creatures called Rahi. Now a greater threat has appeared - the Bohrok swarm. Six elemental breeds of insect-like creatures are laying waste to the island of Mata Nui, and it is up to the Toa to stop them.

    Bohrok feature a gear-operated head-snapping action, perfect for knocking the mask off of a Toa. Strike its eye-teeth the right way and a Bohrok's faceplate flips open, sending its krana flying.

    A Bohrok can also be folded into a spherical mode for storage in its pod. A special clip suspends the hibernating Bohrok from the lid of its canister, where it awaits the call to awaken once more. The labels on the sides of the pod are removable to display the stored Bohrok,

    For each Bohrok breed, there is a smaller Bohrok Va. The Bohrok Va are scouts and couriers, carrying replacement krana to Bohrok that have lost theirs in battle. Although the same size as last year's Turaga characters, the Bohrok Va feature vastly improved articulation, including turning waists and hips, tilting bodies, ball-jointed heads and a new friction-based connector peg for arm positioning. The right arm of a Bohrok Va is linked to the tray that holds its krana; tap down on the arm to launch the krana!

    Like all Bionicle products, the Bohrok can be disassembled and their parts used for other creations. The Bohrok include instructions for creating two giant three-Bohrok creatures, but as always with LEGO, the possibilities are endless.

    For all of the details on the Bohrok and Bohrok Va, visit!

    Gahlok and Kohrak:

    Lehvak and Nuhvok:

    Pahrak and Tahnok:

    A Bohrok Pod and a Bohrok versus a Boxor:

    Keep watching this space!