Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Daniel Lipkowitz

    As several of the staff here at Altered States Magazine are big fans of Mainframe's computer-animated series Reboot, we were very interested in visiting the Irwin showroom in hopes of learning the much-debated fate of the great new toyline, which seems to have disappeared after the first (well, first-and-a-half) wave.

    What we learned wasn't the best of news. It seems that the rumors were true: thanks to the low number of new episodes and sub-optimal scheduling of the series on Cartoon Network in the U.S., the third wave of toys and beyond has indeed been put on hold. Disappointing, but not really a surprise at this point.

    What was a surprise was the discovery that, according to the Irwin representative with whom we spoke, the entire second series did briefly ship to stores. This means that not only did the (apparently exclusive to Canada) action figures of Ray Tracer and Web Rider come out, but the presumed-unreleased remainder of the wave - including Web Bob, Web Matrix, Captain Capacitor and a re-decoed Ray Tracer - were available as well. Somewhere. In very, very low quantity.

    We were happy to find packaged samples of the second wave and made sure to photograph the toys. Ray Tracer has additional deco in the form of the swirly energy pattern that covers his suit in the series, and the paint jobs on Web Matrix and especially Web Bob are incredible. Most impressive of all was the huge Captain Capacitor figure, a perfect representation of the infamous Binome pirate.

    So is there any good news for toy-starved Reboot fans? Maybe. It seems that the international chains are still interested in the toyline, and Irwin will continue to ship orders to France and elsewhere abroad. Whether the elusive second series will be turning up in larger numbers overseas or whether sales will ultimately justify production of additional figures, we're not sure, but it might be something to keep an eye out for.

    Stay frosty!

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