Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Daniel Lipkowitz

    Based on the brand-new CG-and-live-action Saturday morning television series on Fox Kids, Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension represents LEGO's first foray into the realm of action figures. Although the toys are definitely action figures, they can be disassembled and combined in countless new ways in keeping with the LEGO construction principle. In the show, it's called "glinching," a talent that lets the beings of the Outer Dimension exchange body parts to gain new powers and abilities. Every arm, every leg, every head, torso or shin in the toyline can be detached and replaced in any socket - with full ball-joint articulation - by use of a Technic-compatible peg-in-hole universal joint system. No delicate shelf-warming figurines here - the Galidor toys are big, solid and look to be very fun.

    The line so far includes a standard version of lead character Nick (with a boxing-glove-like Power Arm), his best friend Allegra (with alien pet), the four-armed robot Jens (with removable welding arm), the amphibious Euripides and the villainous Gorm. Deluxe figures include a new Nick with firing Power Wings, a second Gorm with firing Wasp Wings, the ice warrior Nepol (check out that eyelid-visor!) and his steed the Shimmel, and Ooni, a bizarre creature with a plethora of parts to use with the other Galidor figures. To carry Nick through the Outer Dimension, there's a vehicle called the TDN (TransDimensional Navigation) Module, complete with its own removable parts for use with the Galidor figures.

    Finally, there's the Kek Powerizer, a large (but in-scale) electronic toy that can interact with the television show, the website at, the forthcoming Galidor videogame and other Kek Powerizers. Featuring an animated LCD screen and spare heads to represent either Jens or Gorm, the articulated Powerizer has rotation and tilt sensors to react to how it is being moved and posed during 22 included missions and additional ones that can be downloaded from the Galidor website.

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