Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Matthew Greenbaum
    Pictures by Daniel Lipkowitz and Douglass Kern

    The Mattel display rooms were staggeringly crowded, yet their representatives were always ready to answer our questions and lead us around their offerings.

    Unsurprisingly, our very first stop was at the table displaying the upcoming redesigned "Masters of the Universe" figures. These figures were all sale-ready production pieces, since the first series was originally due to have been sold this past January. The line has since been postponed in order to accompany the upcoming made-for-TV animated movie and series, which should start in June. The figures themselves all had conspicuous action features--usually related to hitting other figures--and very impressive detailing on their vac-metallized armored torsos. Many of the figures come in "Try Me!" packaging, and Battle-Armor He-Man and Skeletor each say one phrase apiece when you push a button on their sides.

    We saw the first MOTU vehicle, the impressively violent Battle Beetle, which scattered all the nearby figures as though they were mere toys. Next came the new Castle Greyskull, which very cleverly reads data from the computer chips that are built into each of the new MOTU figures in order to "know" how to treat them. A heroic figure's computer chip tells the castle to open secret chambers that equip them with weapons; a villain figure will find himself hit by booby-traps or dumped in a dungeon. Of course, the exact opposite will be the case on the forthcoming Snake Mountain playset.

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