Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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    By Matthew Greenbaum
    Pictures by Daniel Lipkowitz

    "Cryptozoology," which was to have showcased such legendary mystery-monsters as Nessie and the Mothman, has been delayed due to negotiations over the licensing of an upcoming video-game which is to feature their likeness. They are all still due for release, though.

    Nearby were the first two assortments of the "Popeye" action-figure line. Mezco's own Mez, himself, was on hand to explain his enthusiasm for this unique and historically underrepresented license. The first wave of toys, representing Popeye, Bluto, Wimpy, Sweet Pea, Olive Oyl, etc., as they had appeared in the original Fleischer animated shorts, had been received to tremendous praise by both casual and devoted collectors alike. A special FAO Schwarz exclusive box set is due out soon, featuring some of the original toys in totally black-and-white color schemes. In addition, there will be a Popeye's Tugboat vehicle that can actually float.

    A second series of figures is already well under way, now both showcasing other, more obscure characters (such as the Sea Hag) and also representing Popeye and Bluto in the white sailor-suits given to them by their second animation company.

    Mez said that while he would be happy to continue presenting characters and costumes from the second animated series, he wanted to avoid reflecting the way that that series recast Popeye's character as being far more jovial and clownish. He much prefers Popeye as he originally was: "a short little mumbling crazy Tourette's guy who beats the [expletive] out of people. Ya gotta love a one-eyed sailor who gets drunk on spinach and beats the [expletive] out of people!"

    Of course, before either of the animated series, Popeye got his true debut in comic-strip form. Mez was quite eager to produce figures showcasing the original comic-strip characters, particularly Olive Oyl's long-unseen brother, Castor Oyl. Time will tell.

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