Altered States Magazine -- March 2002 Issue
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  • By Matthew Grenbaum
    Pictures by Daniel Lipkowitz


    Finally--robot-mode Megatron! Mean lookin' sucker.

    His head is molded with a permanent frowning expression. Sad sad Megatron! And as was reported by, he does indeed have a tiny little sliding plate that covers his face in tank mode. (The little slider that pushes this faceplate is embossed with what may be the smallest TF faction-logo ever produced). It doesn't even begin to hide the rest of his huge noggin from view, though. The giant spike-toothed antlers are articulated, but there was no discernible Minicon gimmick associated with them. You just sort of squeeze them and wiggle them around.

    Leader-1 is attached to the right wrist. As the original Toyfare spread revealed, Megs carries a wicked serrated dagger in his left hand. What wasn't immediately obvious is that this dagger is retractible! Pull a little slider on the outside of his wrist, and the dagger straightens out and retracts into Megs' palm. Push it out, and it sticks out again, this time in a straight line. Close Megatron's articulated fingers around the dagger hilt, and it sticks up battle-ready again.

    Megatron has more gimmicks than I can comfortably count. He has two winch-style turning mechanisms. One is on the left side of his abdomen, and it is tipped with a small metallic contact that may play a part in some electronic gimmick. The other is at the rear of his tank turret. The tank's main cannon has a huge conspicuous metallic spring visible in the bottom-most two or three inches of it. On the front of the turret, you will notice a large Decepticon insignia inscribed on a piece of clear plastic--a good place to put a light-up gimmick, perhaps?

    His right-front tank tread has a Minicon hardpoint attached to a red sliding gadget that wasn't really functioning properly.

    Right-rear tread has a hardpoint which, when activated, unlocks a Minicon booby-trap: what appeared to be a flip-out platform with a big nasty grabbing claw on top.

    Left-front tread's hardpoint, when activated, opens three trapdoors in front of it which each contain a *new* hardpoint. So enslave one Minicon, and gain the ability to enslave three more. Gotta enslave 'em all!

    Left-rear tread features a big double-door which yawns open to reveal a sizable inner chamber, and pop-out gatling guns that, on this occasion, failed to pop.

    Decepticon leader Megatron, allegedly a descendant of the original Decepticon commander, transforms into a large and weapon-covered tank. Featuring lights, speech and sounds in both robot and tank modes, Megatron has posts to hold more than ten Mini-cons at a time. He comes with Leader-1, a Mini-con mobile artillery truck who shares a name with the leader of the heroic GoBots of yesteryear. Megatron's robot mode was not available at the Hasbro showroom.

    More new pics are on Page 2

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