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    Supreme Optimus Primal and Megabolt Megatron are still slated for eventual release, as Toys "R" Us and Kay-Bee exclusives respectively.

    Scourge is intended for release, but there is no set date as of yet, and Hasbro is shopping around for a chain to carry him as an exclusive. He may be in his own size class, and the Hasbro Transformers representative had not heard any indication of the electronics from Laser Optimus Prime being re-added.

    Hasbro could not disclose much information about the new series, as an official announcement is pending in the near future. What we do know: the series is being made in Japan, Takara has some influence (and apparently wanted more CG used in the series than is actually being employed, although there is some), the show is slated to run 52 episodes from September 2002 through late 2003, and the art style is heavily based ("to within ten percent") on the Dreamwave Comics character designs. Takara will be airing Armada in Japan around January of 2003.

    From the short video that we saw, the new show seems fairly anime-ish in art and animation style, especially the human kids and High Wire, a ten-speed bike Mini-con, who looks to be the kid-appeal character of the series.

    Although Armada officially begins in August, the first wave is expected to ship to warehouses in June and show up on store shelves in July.

    A Transformers trading card game is being produced by Wizards of the Coast. It is aimed at a younger-than-Pokemon audience, around the 6+ range. This may or may not reflect the target age of the television series as well.


    Just a quick informational tidbit: The "QSR" in the Promotion tab of the calendar below stands for "Quick Service Restaurant". In other words, it looks like we can expect some toys in kid's meals in some sort of fast food establishment.


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